Our Services

At SOA we go beyond the practice of traditional architecture. Our team is trained in the latest technologies including BIM, project management software and web technology, allowing us to work on-site or via web conferencing. Simply by using an Internet-enabled device, everyone involved in the project can participate in design sessions in real-time, saving time, travel costs and the headaches of coordinating information after the fact.

We provide our clients with services such as:

- site feasibility
- zoning approvals
- master planning
- renderings and perspective
- conceptual design
- design development/documentation
- specifications
- bidding evaluation/negotiation
- construction administration
- owner representation

We are committed to offer you the best service, focused in our core expertise and personal touch. We are a nimble, flexible organization which allow us to respond and act with greater speed and effectiveness. We are team players and we can provide you efficient cost saving solutions for all your facilities.